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Boy Scout Troop 433
(Perry Hall, Maryland)
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Troop 433 Adult Leadership Team

 Troop Committee

Institutional Head - - Pastor Richard Brown-Whale
Institutional Rep. - Lisa Dziuk
Committee Chairperson - Jay Whitaker
Recording Secretary - Susan Miller
Treasurer - Leeann Whitaker
Advancement Chairperson - Frank Rzomp
Fundraising -  Jay Whitaker
Membership – Susan McFaul
Nominating - Vacant
Outdoor Activities – Jayne Ward

Quartermaster - Bob Barclay

Social/Hospitality - Susan Miller & Lisa Dziuk
Board of Review – all above Committee members and
Institutional Representative


Program Staff

     Scoutmaster - Ron Vermette


Assistant Scoutmaster - Bob Barclay

                                          Chuck Chamberlain

                                          Dave Flanagan, Sr.

                                          Barbara Martin